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City of Writers Radio is an independent podcast that celebrates the oral delivery of the written word. Its mission is to inspire and uplift listeners through the power of words from both published and unpublished authors from all genres, and strives to deliver personalized interviews with industry movers and shakers.

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Topics Covered

City of Writers Radio focuses on creative work in the fiction, non-fiction, and poetry categories.

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Host and Producer Guilliean Pacheco

Meet the Host

Guilliean Pacheco (she/her) is a Filipino-American journalist and copy editor by day; a creative writer by night. She earned her M.F.A. in Writing from the University of San Francisco and is an Anaphora Arts poetry fellow. She’s also a member of AIR, ACES, IWW FJU, and Uproot. She’s a misplaced California girl who lives in Las Vegas normally, if one could call living there normal, on Southern Paiute land.

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Production Schedule

Tuesdays at 8 AM PT


City of Writers Radio has an established group of loyal fans. The podcast averages 1000 plays from the United States, 200 plays from India, and 150 from Russia. Their preferred web-based podcast player is Google and SoundCloud. Their preferred phone app players are Stitcher, Overcast, and Apple Podcasts.

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