Writeropolis: A Virtual Silent Book Club for Writers

Join a virtual Silent Book Club specifically for writers!

The concept is simple: you’re trying to read more but can’t seem to carve the time out of your busy day to read. So why not commit one hour a week? No more, no less.

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There’s much discourse in the writing community about writers not reading enough. So, this is my open invitation to combat the impostor syndrome we all suffer from in one way or another.

What happens exactly?

I’ve decided to make YouTube our hangout spot. Hop in during our meeting time here.

You can bring whatever book you want. Lug your eBook reader, hardcover, mass-market paperback, homework, PDF, comic book, or dictionary…. nobody will judge you.

SBC is a safe space for all.

Bring a drink, a pet, a plush, and/or something warm to snuggle up.

I don’t know what to read!

Don’t let that keep you away! Check out my Bookshop for ideas, and support your local indie bookstore.

What time is it?

We meet every Tuesday at 6 pm PT. I’m in Las Vegas, and if you’d like to attend our happy hour, feel free to convert your time zone.


I’d much rather meet in person…

Maybe you don’t feel this way will work and need in-person accountability. That’s cool!

There is more than likely a local chapter for you to attend. Check out the current active clubs here.

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