Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find your podcast??

Subscribe on SoundCloud or find the podcast on your favorite podcast app (see the list above). Get notifications directly to your inbox when you subscribe to the newsletter!

I’m all up in my feelings after your last show. Help!

It warms my heart that you do! Recommend the podcast to your family, friends, and colleagues, because podcasters live and die by that. If you feel so inclined to leave a rating or review, I’d love that too!


Anything you send me may be used in a future podcast or in promotional materials!

What’s your theme song?

A royalty-free track called “Feel Good Feel” by Jason Shaw.

What equipment do you use?

I use the Voice Memos app on my iPhone and the Movo Lavalier Clip-on Microphone to ensure maximum aural coverage.

To move the files from my iPhone, I use a cloud service called Filen, which lets me move files between my phone, desktop, and laptop.

How do you edit your podcast?

Audacity! Keyboard shortcuts are your friend, and I let Google fill in the blanks. I’ll eventually upgrade to a more podcast-friendly program (or hire someone), but I enjoy the DIY aspect.

Where do you get your music?

There are a TON of great royalty-free databases out there, but I’m a ZapSplat kinda person. I also like MusicSesame, as I scored a lifetime account via StackSocial.

What program did you use for your intro and outro?

My previous intro/outro was through a site I found on Reddit called BuildBubbles. I decided to update it for the second season with my voice.

I’m a writer! Can I be on your show?

An emphatic Y E S! I’d love to pick the brains of my fellow under-represented and/or unpublished creatives. Poets, authors, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, short stories. I welcome you all here! Having you read a piece that you’re insanely proud of would be fantastic, in between me picking your brain. Submit your pitch here!

I’m in the industry! Can I be on your show?

Yet another resounding Y E S! My goal with the podcast is not just to amplify creative voices; it’s about making them mainstream too. If you’re knee-deep in the writing, publishing, or marketing side of the coin, I want to hear from you! Submit your pitch here!

How can I support you?

Thank you for asking! Zap me a donation on Ko-Fi to help me grow the podcast. After their donation, everyone who buys me a drink will get name-checked in the next episode. I also accept sats (a bitcoin currency), sent via PodcastIndex.

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