Season 1, Episode 011: Sentimental Palatial Bench

Guilliean reads three of her poems; read along with the poems while you’re listening!

Music: Silent Boy from MusicSesame.

Photo by TOMOKO UJI on Unsplash

Sentimental x Unsentimental

The stars in the skies
Dripped into your eyes
Like the beautiful ones
Hold you when you're done.

 I'm in this for love
Not procreation
Fallen angels, righteous sins
Raptured in misdirection.

 Baby it's you
It's always been you
From the moment I breathed
You in like a fog

Trip me in the dark
And into your arms.

 And another one
Pound me like a drum
Brush the ivory
Got me singing harmony

That beast with two backs
Coiled like a snake
Make it worth your while
Kisses loaded with guile

Write a silly symphony
Under the cherry blossom tree.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Harmony Palatial

Pink colored chlorophyll
Sunshine blue marker
Concrete easel
Another one

                                           Eurydice walkabout
                                           Under the jazz promenade
                                           Beatrice says hello
                                           Measure for measure

                                                                                             A forest lies honestly
                                                                                             Mirrors seek wrinkles
                                                                                             Presidential silence
                                                                                             Elephantine s t r e t c h

Photo by Richard Stachmann on Unsplash

Hospital Bench

Poems gush out my fingertips
Written carefully in blood
Tattooed on my skin
The original sin
Sapphire blue
Crimson red
Fetch me a napkin
Sharpen the quill
Pumice the moments
Lovely bops of clarity
'Cause nothing else
in this damn world
makes a lick of sense.


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