Season 1, Episode 003: Sometimes, a Cool World

season 1 of raconteuse radio

Guilliean reads three of her poems; read along with the poems while you’re listening!

Music: Star Gazing from ZapSplat.

World Out There

I know there's a big world out there
I'm just a girl with striped underwear.
I go to sleep every night
Creating lives I've never lived.
I talk myself down from the dullness of life
To comfort me with the idea that
My brain is the only one to take my gripes.
No one wants me because I don't want them
I do just fine on my own.
No one needs me like I need them
This is how the story goes.

sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder
What it feels like
To be an inanimate object

Do they dream when humans sleep
Do they ponder mysteries of the deep
Do they fall apart from a broken heart
Do they write poetry for monthly projects

Do their heads hurt from migraines
Do their legs throb from excruciating pain
Do the spider veins cause them to consider surgery
Do their eyebrows quirk in a moment of whimsy

Sometimes I wonder
What it feels like
To be an inanimate object
Because sometimes I feel like I am.

Cool It Now

Sleep to forget
Forget to sleep
Sleep to get
Square to sleep
Deep in dreams
Dreams aren't deep
Sleep to dream
Dreamless sleep


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