Complimentary Clarity Session

Your next step….

You’re here because you’re interested in what I can potentially offer to you as your personalized creativity concierge. You’ve perused my portfolio and you’ve seen my work. Now’s the time to take the next step and request an exploratory 1:1 clarity session, otherwise known as a discovery call.

This is a NO-COST voice/text/video chat via Google Meet that I’m delighted to offer you as a potential client of mine.

I can conduct the session via email too. I know your time is precious and you can’t schedule a call right now. Or, maybe you get nervous in front of a camera. No worries!

I simply want the opportunity to show you why I’m going to be a good fit for you as your preferred creative consultant.

Think of a clarity call as your first thesis semester in your hypothetical master’s program. You have a rough idea of what you want to do, and you need specific guidance to build a cohesive final project.

This is a super casual 15-minute conversation about your goals, whether you need assistance with a story, need someone to write content for your website, or you’re needing someone to tell you what your next steps to take as the owner of your own website. As a multipotentialite, I have a lot to offer my future clients, and it’d be a damn shame not to give you the whole kit and caboodle!

You have no clue what you want to accomplish.You have a creative vision that you need a second opinion on.
You can’t answer questions when asked directly.You’re interested in unearthing creative insights.
You won’t use my recommendations to support your long-term goals.You’re ready to take your inquiries to the next level.
You’re unable to follow through on any short- or long-term goals.You establish expectations to follow through on.
You want to collaborate on a project.You’re ready to invest in yourself.