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Tell us about your first teacher who was important to you

The first teacher I remember who meant a lot to me was Mrs. K from fourth grade. She had curly auburn hair that she wore bushily, and she was so kind and patient with everyone.

I was the only one who knew the answers and of course, she’d call on me all the time. The other kids hated when she chose me, but they were so busy being cool, none of them realized that all of the answers were right there on the page. I didn’t let peer pressure or those bastards cruel taunts of “schoolgirl” haunt my ears for long. As long as Mrs. K picked me, all was right in my world.

I remember winning a class competition where we could switch places with her, and guess who won? THIS GUY. She wrote in my journal (since we had to keep one every day) that she would vote for me if I ever ran for president. I had been bragging for ages that I was going to be the first woman president. Pretty lofty for a schoolgirl, haha.

Mom asked me if I wanted to give her something for Christmas – something I had never done for a teacher before or after – and we gave her a little Christmas wreath brooch at our classroom’s Christmas party. She loved it and wore it when it matched her outfit. I guess I had babbled on about how cool she was, and Mom had taken notice. I Googled her just now, and she’s still there! Fourth grade, red track, Mrs. Dorothy Kosiewicz, Fairview Elementary, Modesto, CA.

write on, Guilliean
write on, Guilliean

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