Season 3, Episode 029: A New Hope

Happy belated second birthday to the podcast! It’s been a wild ride. A mini-sode to hold you over in anticipation of season 3. And a freshened-up logo to celebrate this new era. I hope you enjoy it! Well, well, well. We meet again. You may be wondering about the unnaturally…

Examples of defense mechanisms

Discover how defense mechanisms work and how they impact our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Learn how to apply this knowledge to create more complex and relatable characters in your writing.

Show, don’t tell: easier said than done

From understanding the importance of sensory details to mastering the art of subtext, learn the nuances of this essential technique and examine real-world examples of how to apply it effectively.

11 ways to talk about body language

Learn how to recognize subtle cues and signals to better understand the thoughts and emotions of those around you, and improve your communication skills for more successful interactions.

Season 2, Episode 028: My First Time

Guilliean reads her creative non-fiction piece of the same name. Stream it and read along with the text! The first time I had a transformative bowl of killer ramen was the day after my first date with my boyfriend. Being American, all I knew was Maruchan. However, my genetic disposition…

Season 2, Episode 027: Effra

The joy of pushing myself to learn how to edit sound bites as part of this one-woman show has me playing around with A.I. again. I wrote this “script” as a one-off extra credit creative writing piece for my Intro to Economics class for undergrad. I polished it up and…

Season 2, Episode 026: Cathouse

Guilliean reads her short story of the same name, based on the true story of her overhearing a neighbor complaining to their HOA about the existence of such a domicile in their family-friendly neighborhood. Stream it and read along with the text! The fried chicken clucked in Mr. Jackson’s stomach…