Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days by Chris Guillebeau

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I’ve been following Guillebeau off and on for a few years now.

I bought the digital version of $100 Startup (paid link) when it was on sale.

I decided to support him further, and get in on the ground floor by getting the ARC (advanced reader copy) of his latest book.


I enjoyed the overall conversational tone of the book.

It felt like we were having coffee and you could feel the energy and enthusiasm through the text when a dude is hyped on an idea and caffeine.

Guillebeau has the pedigree for entrepreneurship, so everything he’s selling you is for real.

To me, the book was a quick read.

I feel like a lot of business nonfiction is all dry facts and figures.

They tend to be soulless, heavy on the jargon, interspersing dry platitudes that we’ve heard before in random places in the text.

I didn’t feel that way to me while I soaked up what I could.

The case studies felt timely and relevant to me.

I did notice that he skewed to side hustles that accommodate modern technologies, though there were some old-school standbys as well.

If you’re techno-phobic, you may want to brush up on your computer/smartphone skills to maximize your output.

If you’re willing to put it to work, use all of the skills you have, and give yourself the tools to take full advantage of it.

The companion podcast, Side Hustle School, is a succinct look into case studies of folks who have developed their own approaches to their side hustle.

It’s a great extension to this book.

Overall, there was great advice from front to back.

It’ll be easy to transpose the ideas he brought up to the side hustle you may have in mind or even ones that you already have in play.


I needed to find out how others did it.

This book gave me tons of ideas.

It made me think of what I wanted/needed to accomplish, and the ways and means to get there.

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