Editing & Revisions

Are you a professional writer? Are you having trouble focusing on your story and you don’t know where you’ve lost the plot? Do you need a sensitivity reading for your novel?

I’m Guilliean Pacheco, and I want to help you. I earned my MFA in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco. I’ve been a professional writer and editor ever since.

If you’re seeking to hire someone who writes from the heart but can sell a pen to Jordan Belfort, or you want to develop a long-term relationship with a sharp-witted editor who makes the copy in your head surprisingly readable, you’re in luck.

Unlike other editing services, I have a fast turnaround. This gives you more time to take my notes into consideration so that you can move onto the next step (i.e. publication or seeking representation).


  • Copy editing
  • Developmental editing
  • Proofreading
  • Revisions
  • Sensitivity reading
  • Substantive editing


  • Entertainment (music, movies, books)
  • Meditation
  • Mental health
  • Novels
  • Poetry
  • Pop culture
  • Real estate
  • Short fiction
  • Technology
  • Web copy

Why Hire Me?

I’m of the mindset to “keep it simple, silly.” You’re selling something to someone, whether you know it or not. Maybe it’s not a physical product. Perhaps it’s a different way of looking at things. My job is to make your words as persuasive as possible without being over the top about it.

You have a point; I make it clear. I knead language into a delicious loaf of bread.

Errors? Poof; gone.

Tongue-twisting verbiage, vaulted vernacular, run-ons, and propositions at the end of your sentences? Say goodnight, Gracie.

My primary experience is editing academic papers, blogs, poetry collections, PowerPoints, short story collections, theses, and website content. Throw something my way and I guarantee I’ll tackle it with gusto.

I’m a big fan of MLA, but I’ve been known to roll in the hay with AP and Chicago.

Laser-focused copy wins out every time. That’s what your readers deserve.