You’re probably saying to yourself, she’s a writer; what does she know about websites?

I’ve been designing websites for well over 23 years. I’ve run the gamut from hand-coding HTML and CSS (remember GeoCities?), manipulating PHP scripts to do my bidding, learning WordPress, and running my own server. I continue to do that to this day.

I stay on top of tech by staying on top of my SEO approach, reading every relevant article I can find, and putting any newfound knowledge into play.

I’m constantly learning something new about WordPress and constantly testing plugins and themes.

I fancy myself a multipotentialite. People say to find your niche and do that only. But that’s not me. I can do a lot of things! Why wouldn’t I share my passion with the world?

What happens during a site audit?

I perform a 25-point website usability check, including the following:

  • Basic security checks to help you prevent breaches before they happen. I may make recommendations for more suitable scripts to use instead.
  • I test your site on popular browsers and device types and offer feedback on any errors I encounter.
  • I’ll send a test contact form, subscribe to your mailing list (if you have one), and/or submit an order (if you’re acquiring sales leads) to ensure they arrive at the correct location.
  • I’ll manually check the links on your site and advise you of any dead ends.

I’ll give you my professional opinion about what I see, what you could do to improve upon it, and so on.

I’ll send you a personalized PDF with my checklist and any additional notes and resources that I can share to help make the cleanup process easier.

How much does it cost?

$25 USD.

I’m ready! How do I get started?

Submit an email to get the process started. Don’t forget to include your website URL. Allow me one week to complete my site audit.