It’s Not Common Cent$: A 30-Day Personal Finance Crash Course for College Students and Young Adults by Aaminah Amin

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As a millennial – and every generation after – it’s near impossible to have a straight talk about our finances.

We didn’t get much training in it, and on top of that, we’ve been hit by one life-changing event after another.

It feels like they’re happening every day.


So what are we to do?

book cover of "It's Not Common Cent$" by Aaminah Amin
book cover of “It’s Not Common Cent$” by Aaminah Amin

Amin makes a good point from the jump: start today.

Life goes on, bills need to be paid, people need shelter and food to eat.

We weren’t born millionaires but we can make it so that we’re comfortable with what cash flow comes in, and what we can do with what we’re given.

Aaminah Amin’s book – It’s Not Common Cent$: A 30-Day Personal Finance Crash Course for College Students and Young Adults. How to Manage Money, Save Money Fast, Pay off Debt and Invest in the Stock Market – leads you through a 30-day crash course in identifying the bugaboos of financial literacy, how it applies in modern situations, and how you can make it work for you.

She doesn’t pull any punches by starting with a rundown on terminology, and then explains her own approach to tackling debt and est ablishing a budget, while cracking terrible jokes in between.


We all have that friend who tells the corniest jokes, but we love them anyway, that’s Amin.

The thing about knowing your (financial) enemy is that not every strategy is going to work well.

You need to find a way to hold yourself accountable, and stick to it.

And if it doesn’t, pivot into something new (Excel joke).

Financial literacy is not a one and done situation.

It’s a constantly fluid state of affairs.

It’s one you should review daily, weekly, monthly; whatever works best for you.

Amin gives you a good starting point to begin your journey.

If you feel like financial literacy is impossible, Amin reminds you that it is not.

Anyone can grow and learn, if they want to.

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