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Finding the Positive Tone

As someone whose job is to write things, it may seem odd that I’m offering this list. However, I’m not the type of person who looks for the negative in everything. It always seems to find me, though. When you first start out, you have to carefully consider your goals with the story. What are…

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How to Chop Up a Manuscript

Happy New Year’s! I hope 2022 is better for all of us. Guilliean Adding – or deleting – a paragraph to a manuscript is an important question to ask. Some passages are deemed more important than others and some argue that removing a paragraph could change the entire tone of a novel, while a short…

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How to Write a One-Page Synopsis

A synopsis, or pitch, is a summary of your story. It’s a quick, straightforward, and easy way to show editors and agents what your book is about and why they should care. It helps them assess your writing, storytelling, and character development skills. Finally, it’s an excellent way to get a meaningful look at an…

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