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Words That Describe Light

“Light” is an important word to describe. Light is often an integral part of what you are describing; this is particularly true when describing colors or lighting effects. So, when writing about light, it is vital to use the word accurately. There is an infographic floating around, and I’ve included it in text form because…

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What Are the Steps of the Hero’s Journey?

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate! Guilliean The hero’s journey, as a theme, is a well-known trope in literature and film, typically dealing with a protagonist’s struggle with a given goal. The hero’s journey typically starts with a call to adventure, a call to save a fellow being from a dire situation. The hero chooses…

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How to Write a One-Page Synopsis

A synopsis, or pitch, is a summary of your story. It’s a quick, straightforward, and easy way to show editors and agents what your book is about and why they should care. It helps them assess your writing, storytelling, and character development skills. Finally, it’s an excellent way to get a meaningful look at an…

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Three Stages of Editing

If you’ve completed a draft of a written work, you’ve experienced the first stage of editing. The first pass removes the obvious errors (which are easy to catch) and makes the text flow better. The second stage of editing is the meat of the job, where you’re going to work to make the text more…

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