Why I Write

The featured image is the quote “I write because I don’t know what to think until I read what I say” by author Flanery O’Connor, against a shoreline of rocks.

Sometimes, I think so fast that the words come out garbled if I were to speak them, or my throat does its weird thing and closes up on me and I can’t get the words out at all.

I write because I must.
I write because I have to express myself.
I write because it physically pains me to keep it locked up inside.

Sometimes, I can get into such a groove that time falls away.

There’s nobody but me and the paper in front of me, the ink on that blank page, or the text in a doc file.

I’ve got music pounding in my ears, but all it does is keep my emotions in check.

I tend to get highly charged when I write.

It’s such a great feeling. I want to feel that high every day.

What are you passionate about? Why do you write? Let me know in the comments!

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By Guilliean

Filipina adjacent. (Bad) Feminist. INTJ-T. Mélomaniac. Pokémon Trainer. Reflector. Slytherin. Tsundoku. Water pig. Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, Libra rising. She/her.

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