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My Current Writing Process

I wish I had the luxury to have a dedicated slot in my schedule to do nothing but write. Maybe in the future when I’ve graduated and I’m living off my writing. Pipe dream, perhaps, but that’s why I went into this program!

I had hoped I wouldn’t repeat my undergrad college experience: full-time day job while being a commuter student. I couldn’t avoid it, though.

Where I currently reside is right in the middle of school and work, and I spend more time commuting to work, and it just makes sense for now.

So, just like in my undergrad, I write during downtimes at work or in the library waiting for class to start. It’s not easy or ideal to write when I’m on the clock, but I share the workload equally with a colleague.

I’m sure there are some legalities about that. I’ve heard of workplaces suing authors who write on company time.

As far as the actual writing process goes, I stay focused on the story for as long as the characters allow. Most of the time I’ll drop in on them in medias res, and world-build as needed, or in revision.

I believe that this thought process goes hand-in-hand with my intentions to make these stories into short films.

My stories – like films – are short forays into these characters’ lives. I don’t feel the need to answer all the questions that crop up initially. I like having my readers do some thinking when they’re done reading my work.

Honestly, you can’t read my work and think you’re going to escape thinking deeply and pondering the perplexities of life when you’re done. I refuse to allow that to happen!

My current style of generating pages is simply a conditioned response to my everyday life. I generate what I can, if I can, where I can. But I don’t stress about any of it unless there’s a deadline I have to meet.

If I were to eliminate any limitation, I feel confident that my output would be insanely high. I have an entire folder of files in my Google Drive with ideas!

Right now, I’m skimming the line.

But I know it’s all a means to an end.

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