Editing and Revisions

I genuinely enjoy revision and editing.


It’s probably one of the least-liked aspects of writing. As for me, I like taking someone else’s work and pushing it to the limit.

I use Grammarly Premium to help get rid of simple errors.

I edit anything under the sun. Term papers, reports, website content, your novel in progress, short story, a poetry collection, whatever content of yours needs editing.

You have a couple of options that you can ask me to focus on:

Developmental Editing / Beta ReadingProofreading / Line Editing
This is for works-in-progress. I’ll perform light line editing. I’ll size up your content to make sure there are no plot holes, that every argument is argued fully and coherently, and the like.This is needed for the FINAL edit of your text. If you have issues with grammar and punctuation, capitalization, subject/verb agreement, typos, and formatting, I’ll be your second pair of eyes.


My pricing table is below. No hidden additional fees. These prices are non-negotiable and subject to change without notice.

Pricing Table Image


1 to 6 pages


    Pricing Table Image


    6 to 12 pages


      Pricing Table Image


      12 to 20 pages


        Pricing Table Image


        20+ pages



          • 50% before work can commence; full payment upon delivery.
          • Two-week turnaround. I do NOT accommodate rush jobs.
          • You must be able to share your file via Google Docs; I’ll mark up your document using their interface.
          • All comments will be provided before the agreed-upon deadline that we’ll set.
          • One round of revisions is included in the price.
          • Should we end your project, and you would like additional assistance, they will incur a new fee.

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