Submission Guidelines

Are you thinking about submitting some of your work to City of Writers? Then, you should familiarize yourself with this page. We’re confident that everything is answered here. If not, contact us, and we’ll update this as needed. 

How do I submit?

We’re still working on those kinks, actually, and we should be ready to go soon. Subscribe to our mailing list to be kept updated.

How do I know what category to submit my work under?

Excellent question! We accept submissions under the following categories during the quarterly submission periods: 

Creative Nonfiction

just like it says on the tin; submit nonfiction tastefully told in a literary style that you believe suits the story. We prefer less than 3,500 words.

Flash Fiction

We dare you to tell the best damn story in 1,000 words or less.


Share five of your best poems; no more than ten pages total.


Share a review of another artist’s work; minimum of 1,000 words but no more than 2,500. There’s such a thing as couching your criticism. Be brutal, but be constructive too.

Short Fiction

We want to hear your story of 3,500 words or less.

Sex? Swearing? Drinking? Foreign words in italics?

Yes, please. Just kidding. We’re of the mindset that you’re an adult. Our rule of thumb when submitting is this:


What about multiple submissions?

The thing about running a literary journal is that response times are slow. We completely understand if your super hot fire piece ends up accepted elsewhere.

Please inform us if that happens, and we’ll accommodate as necessary.

Accepted on a Rolling Basis

  • Art & Photography: if you have digital art or photography that you’d like to share, we accept. We like to match the art submitted to individual published pieces. You may find that we pair yours up with something from the archives. 
  • Interviews: if you’re itching to pick apart a fellow writer’s brain, then submit your proposal or finished product under this category. Pictures are a plus! Otherwise, we’re using the random headshot on their official site.
  • Literary Criticism: some of the Editors were English majors and wrote pages and pages of literary criticism based in traditional, formalist, Marxist, structuralism, post-structuralism, ethnic studies, postcolonial, gender studies and queer theory, basically ALL the theories. Now it’s your turn. State your case in your introduction, argue in the body, and present your conclusion in less than 3,500 words.