Theatre Viva Elvis (Aria)

Viva Elvis (Aria)

On Monday night, I got comp tickets to see Viva Elvis, which I did with my pal M.

Theatre The Lion King (Mandalay Bay)

The Lion King (Mandalay Bay)

Fantastic, colorful, high-energy adaptation of one my favorite Disney animated films. Hopefully it will bring more people to Vegas.

Theatre Mamma Mia (Mandalay Bay)

Mamma Mia (Mandalay Bay)

I wasn’t sure how they were gonna fit all the Abba songs into Mamma Mia with the information that I knew about the show beforehand, but they did it! And it was really good!

Theatre Carrot Top (The Luxor)

Carrot Top (The Luxor)

Consummate professional agitprop comedian, a rarity. Rock & roll impressions are pretty good. Decent way to burn up an hour of free time.

Theatre Mystere (Treasure Island)

Mystere (Treasure Island)

Mystere was amazing. It was a dress rehearsal, but there weren’t any accidents or anything during the show. There was so much going on that I didn’t know what to focus on. The comic relief was seamless, and clearly there to help fill the time in changing sets.

Theatre Love (Mirage)

Love (Mirage)

Completely captured the Beatles, from the Nowhere Men to Lady Madonna.

Theatre Spamalot (The Wynn)

Spamalot (The Wynn)

Basically a hysterical live version of the movie with a bit of Sin City added.