Short Stories Butterfly


In an effort to clean up my Facebook, here is a story I wrote on Friday, June 19, 2009 at 10:35pm. It has been referenced by my friends as one of their favorite stories of mine. So… I’ve been in a funk lately. Really, extremely anti-social. Hating that I am alive and hating the world. …

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Short Stories The Alliance of Destiny: How It Was Supposed to End

The Alliance of Destiny: How It Was Supposed to End

Before I start, this was a humor piece I wrote for the official TAOD site: You Know You’ve Been Watching Too Much Alliance of Destiny When… You call your teachers “Professor Smith” or “Professor Jones” when a simple “Mr. Smith” or “Mrs. Jones” will suffice. You believe Voldemort is in the shrimp dimension. You believe …

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Short Stories Episode 21: Kidnapped

Episode 21: Kidnapped

A reunion of a love that transcends the ages, Nadia gets into trouble, and Buffy loses her cool.

Short Stories Episode 20: A Mother’s Love

Episode 20: A Mother’s Love

Narcissa comes clean but violates her contract with Wolfram & Hart, Gabriel and Lucia make amends, Irina gives Sydney some sound advice, and things fall into place for Lucius and Sark’s main objective.

Short Stories Episode 19: Second Chances

Episode 19: Second Chances

Anastasia and Bella wreak havoc in the wizarding world, Meliza confronts her father with some startling news, and Professor Dumbledore shows his dark side.

Short Stories Episode 18: Unholy Alliance

Episode 18: Unholy Alliance

Bella presents Anastasia with an unusual proposition, the Darcys tell Harry of their plans regarding Anastasia’s future, the rest of the Alliance of Destiny cope with Anastasia’s disappearance.

Short Stories Episode 17: Fight or Flight

Episode 17: Fight or Flight

Sydney returns to Hogwarts with Angel’s assistance, Bellatrix expands her world view, and Anastasia makes a fateful decision.

Short Stories Episode 16: Misery

Episode 16: Misery

Faith and Wesley try to find a common ground, Meliza meets her father’s new girlfriend and takes on another mission, and Xander returns to help the still distant Anastasia.