Poetry Dance Even Though the World is Falling Down Around You

Dance Even Though the World is Falling Down Around You

To Bukowski and Hard Times. There’s a part of me, deep inside, a bluebird, perhaps That sways while the world burns To a waltz that no one else can hear but me. In spite of all the terror and fear and anxiety in my world Since the world is ending, I’m throwing the party. Dance …

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Poetry Dwelling on Eternity

Dwelling on Eternity

This is the last beginning. I will not move forward from here. Draw the line, straight and perfect, use the ink I bleed from my fingertips. Onto your skin, into your head, and out of your heart. Dig in and hold the line, retreat is not an option. It’s too late. The light continues. Won’t …

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Poetry Ayy


A small of a soul A symphony of scrap A scoop of stupid A smattering of syrup A scorch of sunshine A sash of silver A shell of a smile A slash of sadness A shape of a star A star of the sea A stroke of sky A stab of snow A speck of …

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Poetry Toujours en guerre avec moi-même

Toujours en guerre avec moi-même

It’s a constant battle To march to the beat of their drum. I’m fighting a war for the away team Who doesn’t even know I’m there. Things were supposed to get better I was supposed to fall in line And not cry to sleep at night. I tried to play their game. I’m losing. I …

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Poetry First Day of School

First Day of School

Let me break it down for ya: Every time I force myself into a new situation, Feels like the first day of school. I’m the new girl, nobody knows me. Small talk threatens my mental health, And fuck those little shits who can go up to complete strangers and make a new friend. My resting …

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Poetry Déchirure dans la lumière fantastique

Déchirure dans la lumière fantastique

Free Verse Fridays are biweekly poems written on a whim, inspired by my studio audience or whatever’s going on at the moment. Feel free to submit a theme, form, or idea for me in the comments below! Screaming into the wind Silenced by the rush That whips by the open window Intrusive thoughts from the …

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Poetry Flip the Script

Flip the Script

Post 22 of 24 It had to look real. Bruise had to be shaped just so. Lampshade swayed like Newton’s law. Equal but opposite. It was the only heavy object within reach. Timed carefully. The neighbors would hear. They would see his car in the driveway. The wound would be temporary, Band-Aid. This house; a …

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Poetry random dis  connect

random dis  connect

Have you ever found yourself talking but not understanding what you were saying? Like it was all on autopilot? like your skin is not your skin? Your lips were not yours? This is my life. Found this poem in my papers. This was borne out of a time where I merely existed but did not …

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Poetry Brand New Day

Brand New Day

I took the yellow brick road, clicked my heels, and went back home. But I returned to a much changed world. I felt like a foreigner, needing a passport to cross state lines. I’m not even sure if I’m still in the same country. A Stranger in a Strange Land. There’s too much light and …

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Poetry The Glass Bottle

The Glass Bottle

Murky sound, traveling under water Mellow yellow light fills my eyes Clarity of expression through my fingertips Urban attack, swank bank between my thighs Stay woke, fam. Independent study of the lines on your face Fellowship of the Pen, Return of the Queen Capsule learning, getting to know you Adrenaline to expel about The disease …

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