Chapter 12: Always Get the Bad Guy

"This is not a difficult decision!" Aurora said impatiently. "Freelancing is the way to go. Section Seven will betray you. They betrayed me. Your father was ordered to abandon me when my contacts within La Rivoluzione were rooted out and murdered. And Adrian did. He left me there ALONE!" Aurora screamed, her voice echoing off … Continue reading Chapter 12: Always Get the Bad Guy

Chapter 11: Naïveté

It had been almost seventy-two hours since David was kidnapped. Grandma Annie was worried. David promised to have dinner with them on the second night he was missing. “He's never late, you know,” Grandma Annie said dejectedly. “I know, but David works very hard. I'm sure he'll make it next time,” Marlene fibbed. She knew … Continue reading Chapter 11: Naïveté