DeYoung Museum

Apples, 2005, Gustav & Ulla Kraitz.

At my previous job, I had Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday off. Those were my days to do errands, chores, whatever. At my new position, I don’t have specific days off and my contract guarantees me a certain amount of hours. It evens out because I work day shift, so I have time to do stuff after work. But I’m quite often pooped at the end of the day so I’ll grab dinner, watch a movie streamed to my Apple TV & call it a night. In between taking care of Jack, of course.

This week, I got those days off. I decided to take full advantage.

On Tuesday, I took Idris in for her 80k maintenance/oil change. They found a significant – though not urgent – leak that affected the camplate/valve cover gasket. I told my Ma about it, because I needed someone to know and she and my Dad agreed to front the charges. Which I will be paying back when my financial aid refund comes in for this last semester. Instead of sitting in the dealership, I did what I usually do during my maintenance visits: hit the local mall. Cindy, the shuttle driver, is a cool chick. Friendly and warm. She’s always looking out for me, although she thought I drove a Fiat! Don’t tell Idris that, she won’t like it lol.

I saw “Star Trek Beyond” to kill some time. It was a massive upgrade from the new series’ low point (so far) of “Star Trek Into Darkness.” I did not enjoy that movie and it was mostly because of the grand reveal. Ugh. Anyways, “Beyond” is what I remember from the original series: the philosophy of diplomacy when touching base with unknown species, and the day to day grind of living in outer space. I like to imagine that life will eventually go through an apocalyptic event, a la “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” or something (I’m looking at you Alphabet/Google!!). But I think we’ll end up like Star Trek. It did have an apocalyptic event, which gave birth to the Federation, but life won’t be complete shit. We’ll adapt, because we’re humans, that’s what we do, and we’ll search the stars for alien races and live our entire lives on spaceships, tinkering with cool tech and fighting the good fight.

After I got Idris back, I took Jack to the groomers. He’s so fresh and clean now.

On Wednesday, I had to drop off my first round of stories for my thesis to my instructor’s box. He prefers hard copies printed for him, which is costly because 1) he doesn’t live in the city so we had to schedule our meetings this fall to accommodate our wonky schedules, 2) I don’t live in the city so I have to figure out a way to get my stuff to him when I am.

Instead of only driving into the city to drop off 70 pages of thesis work, I decided to go to the De Young Museum at Golden Gate Park. It’s down the street from my school. As I do, I got lost trying to find the parking garage. Just once, I’d like to drive somewhere and know where I’m going. But let’s be real, I do enjoy getting lost. Once I make a mistake, I learn from it immediately. I got there around noon or so. I didn’t eat breakfast so I ate at their cafe. I had a turkey sandwich, chips, Coke and a chocolate croissant for dessert. I’m still dreaming about that croissant, it was so good.

It was a great experience, and I tried to get through as much as I could, and I know I missed a lot. The Ed Ruscha exhibit was inspiring. He’s inspired greatly by road trips through the Mojave Desert. I saw that we shared a lot of influences as well, the main one being Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. I had to laugh, as though we were in on a private joke. I guess I’m as obsessed with it as I am because I want to have written it. I want to use 1 of Ruscha’s photos for the book cover to “Last Exit to Vegas.” I would’ve purchased the exhibition catalog but it was a bit pricey. I plan to buy the books he’s done individually.

Their gift shop was sooo nice. Tons of room to move around. At work, I feel like you move the wrong way and a book will fall off the shelf across the room. De Young was built specifically for their usage; we’re using a re-purposed corporate headquarters. They made modifications to fit the needs of our museum, true. But let me tell you, there’s nothing like having a building built to your specifications and not using what is already there.

I managed my day well, leaving myself exactly 1 hour and a half before the MFA office closed to get there on time. I walked all the way down Fulton to Parker. It’s all uphill but I didn’t begin getting breathless until halfway there. I’m so grateful my asthma didn’t kick in. I dropped off my packet and picked up the final packet from my studio workshop last semester. I haven’t read through the feedback yet. I got an A, but it’s the criticism that is going to be brutal, I’m sure. Writers, that’s how we do. I hit traffic on the way home, but it’s a small price to pay to combine fun with schoolwork.

Today is my last day off until next week. I took Jack for his semi-annual comprehensive exam, and then took Idris in to get the cam plate leak repaired. I had the option to wait for it to be done same day or leave it overnight and get a complimentary car rental. I took the option for a car rental. I didn’t want to spend any more money and I would have if I took the shuttle to the mall again! I got a Nissan Pathfinder and that damn thing is a boat. All I can sing in my head is the Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat” whenever I’m behind the wheel. I feel like I’m gonna hit somebody when they drive by me. On the plus side, it came with a backup camera… and I totally want one for Idris now. What a handy thing to have! I grabbed lunch at Goldilocks (pork BBQ sticks and rice, how Filipino am I though?) and went home and cleaned the shit out of my room.

The transition to my new job last month did not leave me much time to keep my environment entirely clean. I’m not a slob, but I have a limit for living too long with dirt and grime. I couldn’t put it off any longer. I drank a Red Bull at lunch so I used that to keep me going. I swept, vacuumed, wiped down my mirrors, bathroom counter, toilet and shower. You know how you walk through a freshly cleaned room and just know it’s been cleaned? That’s how it feels. It’s satisfying, and I don’t care who knows it!

Tomorrow is work. I will pick Idris up tomorrow morning too. I’m excited to have her back.

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